Nursing Policy NURS 602

Use the required readings and the Status of State Action on the Medicaid Expansion Decision

Links to an external site. to answer these questions:

After reviewing this week’s content consider the following:

  • Analyze how ACA Medicaid (Medicaid expansion) differs from other Medicaid programs.
  • What problem(s) was the Medicare program originally intended to solve?
  • Analyze the differences between Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Why have financial considerations been important to the politics of policy.
  • Analyze Medicare for all and how would it impact the current Medicare program.

For your post, we will have a debate:

  • Take a side on the following topic: Is health care a right or a privilege? If your last name starts with AK, take the position of it as a right, LZ take the position of it as a privilege. (My last name starts with T)
  • Support your position based on current literature and content from this week.
This weeks current literature is: 
  • Policy and Politics for Nurses and Other Health Professionals
    • Chapter 11: Medicare: Protector to Innovator
    • Chapter 12: Medicaid and the Financing of Care for Vulnerable Populations: A Story of Misconceptions
  • Brill, S. (2013, April 4). Bitter pill: Why medical bills are killing us. Time.
  • Gale, A. H. (2015). Fifty years of Medicare: The good and the bad. Missouri Medicine, 112(4), 252257.
***2 required sources, one must be from required text and other has to be greater than year 2018!*** Thanks. 


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