Please WRITE the ESSAY AND THE ANNOtated bib!!!!!

Now that you’ve selected a topic for your second essay, written a thesis statement, and started outlining your plan, it’s time to start gathering evidence to support your thesis. To do this, you’ll complete an Annotated Bibliography. 

For your annotated bibliography, you will first need to conduct research and locate the three sources that best support your points. Two of these sources should be from journals in the Galen Library; the third will be an academically reliable website. These sources should be:

  • current (published within the last five years)
  • relevant (they should directly support the points you make)
  • reliable (written by one or more credentialed experts)
  • academic (no Wikipedia, no commercial sources that end in .com) 

Once you have located sources that fit these criteria, you are ready to compile your Annotated Bibliography. Here is how:

(1) For each source, craft a reference list entry in APA 7th-edition format. Use Academic Writer to ensure that your format is correct.

(2) Next, write your annotation (summary and justification). An annotation consists of 3-4 sentences that briefly summarize the source and explain its relevance to your thesis statement. Be specific and explicit! Here is an example of how you might start out if you were writing about obesity: “This source is relevant because it provides detailed statistics on the number of people who are considered obese in our country.” You would then add another 2-3 sentences to justify your use of this source; tell why it is important by including specific examples.

(3) Make sure your annotation is formatted with a hanging indent: That is, for each entry, indent ALL lines except the first (see example below).

(4) Arrange your sources in alphabetical order.

(5) Include a title page and page numbers.

(6) Use Grammarly and proofread carefully before submitting!

(7) Review your Originality Report from Turnitin and revise as needed (see directions above).

The annotation (summary & justification) should begin on the first blank line after the reference entry it accompanies and should be indented .5 from the left margin (similar to the second and third lines of a hanging indent).


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