Oedipus the King Writing Assignment

In this paper, you are to choose one episode and briefly summarize the action. Then examine the stasimon that follows the episode and analyze it for meaning and significance. Begin your paper with a thesis statement that relates the main idea of the episode and stasimon you have chosen.


            Please be sure to address both the literal meaning and more importantly, the significance of what the chorus says. How does what the chorus says influence your understanding of what the action has been? What questions does the chorus raise? How does what the chorus say influence your understanding of the various characters, especially Oedipus? Be sure to analyze metaphor, symbols, and allusions to other gods. If you dont know something you encounter, look it up.


            Here is the list of choral odes from which you are to pick one:

                        Stasimon 1: lines 526-572

                        Stasimon 2: lines 954-997

                        Stasimon 3: lines 1195-1215

                        Stasimon 4: lines 1311-1350


When providing examples from the play, please use line numbers in your parenthetic citation. Remember, we are reading a translation, but the original is written in verse and so must be quoted as such.


In this paper, you are being asked to demonstrate your ability to summarize the episode and to explicate the verse, that is, the choral ode or stasimon. To explicate means to analyze the meaning by examining the images, metaphors and phrases in the work and quoting from the text to support your analyses. The explication part of the paper should be longer than the summary part.

Please USE  Stasimon 4 lines 1311-1350


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