Operating/Capital Budget Project

Create an operating budget (minus staffing cost) and a capital budget for your area of responsibility (respiratory therapy department).  How are you going to convey the budgets to your supervisors or CFO?
  • Prepare both budgets and provide an explanation and summary of the various elements of the budgets. For example, is your operating budget static or flexible? Why? Likewise, what information is critical to possess when requesting capital expenditure items?
  • Assume a reduction (for example, 15%) will be required after you submit your hypothetical budgets to your supervisor(s). Which lines of your budget would you reduce to meet the requirement or how would you defend their necessity?
  • Complete both budgets and provide an explanation and summary as to how you arrived at your figures as well as how you would present this information to your supervisor or CFO.
  • Format this assignment in MS Word for the narrative and include appropriate tables for numerical data.
Please include a conclusion, avoid introductory phrases, and use academic journals for references. 


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