Pace University Defending Against Cyber-Attacks on the Internet of Things Research

Guidelines for writing projects:

  1. Define each area/domain and its significance. For example, those working on Blockchain based Cyber Threat Intel. will define in detail, about what blockchain tech. and Cyber Threat Intelligence is.
  2. Define how significant and relevant that problem to Cybersecurity, and what kind of threats are there which need to be addressed.
  3. In the third section, you will be summarizing, each state of the art techniques focused towards addressing above discussed issues that have been published in the last 10 years.
  4. In the last section you will try to answer the gap or the un-addressed issues, which has yet to be answered (of course in your perspective)
  5. Present it

For sections 1 and 2 you can use any unpublished (but reliable source) information, which includes, Tech. reports, or tech magazines (avoid social media-based articles they are not a viable sources of information).

For section 3 and 4, you will only have to cite at least 15 peer-reviewed articles, from conferences, journals, and book chapters. No other citation will be accepted.

I will check plagiarisms using online software, so if you have copied and pasted from anywhere on the internet it will be visible in the report.


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