Paralegal Procedures and Training Manual

This semester project will count 1/3 of your final grade.  You may use any and all TEXAS materials you wish.  This semester project is due no later than  Thursday, March 10, 2022 by 10:00 pm.



Submit your projects to me via hcc email from your hcc email.  You will retain your copy and I will read what you scan and send.  Comments will be directly to you.

YOU, a recent graduate of the HCC Paralegal Program, have just been hired by FENDER & BENDER, a firm with a practice concentrating in negligence, personal injury, intentional torts, warranties, products liability and defamation/invasion of privacy cases.  The firm has been expanding and has hired several paralegals who are not utilized effectively because they lack information which should be provided to them in a comprehensive manner.  

You have been hired to set up and organize a "Paralegal Procedures and Training Manual" for the firm which will be used to orient and train all existing and future paralegals.  The firm needs paralegals who can work effectively along with the attorneys and have the requisite legal skills and information.  This manual is to supplement the education completed by the new paralegals prior to being hired.  

It will be your responsibility to supervise the paralegals upon completion of the manual.  You will determine what materials are selected for the manual, as well as organization of the manual.  

NOTE:  This is NOT an employee handbook.   DO NOT discuss benefits, sexual, racial, age, or any discrimination, sexual harassment, dress codes, holidays.

This is a manual to be composed of legal materials and procedures to assist the paralegals better work with the attorneys and advance their professionalism. 


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