Passage Analysis Essay (No one is talking about this” by Patricia Lockwood)

PLEASE ACCEPT THIS OFFER IF YOU HAVE GREAT KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE NOVEL (“No one is talking about this” by Patricia Lockwood)

Please, analyze a short passage of your choice (no more than the equivalent of a paragraph ortwo) from one of the two novels we have studied so far this semester, and then develop a thesisabout the passages significance to the novels broader themes and/or meanings, as you understandthem. A good strategy would be to select a passage that reads like a kind of thesis or argument,but you can also pick a passage that is more subtle in its significance. Regardless of which passageyou choose, make sure that your essay develops an argument specifically about that passagessignificance within the novel as a whole.

(1) Cite your selected passage as a single-spaced block quotation before your essays firstparagraph. Your introduction should discuss the passages importance to the text as a wholeand introduce a specific argument about the passage. Be as clear and specific as possible inyour references to the passage. The passage does not count toward your essays word count.
 (2) Your introductory paragraph must contain at least two short quotations from the passage.Choose quotations consisting of shorter words or phrases (1-15 words or so) that you caneasily frame in your own sentences. Try to set up quotations with voice markers (Colleensuggests that, Stagg writes, etc). 
(3) Your thesis statement must say something more sophisticated than the following template:This passage is important to the text because Feel free to develop your thesis in any waythat interests you, as long as your argument relates to the relationship between the passageand the text as a whole. A good rule for this kind of essay is that your thesis needs to becontestable. What I mean by this is that another reader of the novel should potentiallydisagree with your interpretation. You know you have a good thesis when you are worriedthat someone might disagree with you. Be brave in your thesis. Expect that someone willdisagree with you.(4) Your body paragraphs should expand upon your thesis by providing evidence fromthroughout the rest of the novel pertaining to the passages central ideas, literary techniques,and/or meaning. However, your first body paragraph should probably focus exclusively on aclose reading of the passage and its significance. Each body paragraph requires at least twoor three quotations from either the passage you are analyzing or other passages from thetext. 
Again thank you for considering this offer, and take you time up until the deadline.


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