Personal Reflection Essay

Your final exam for this course is in two parts: Part I of your final exam is the Personal Reflection Essay, which you can start anytime in Week 7. You will take Part II of the final exam in Week 8 only.
Here are the content details:
This assignment is meant to have you reflect upon what you have learned about yourself and your leadership abilities as a result of taking this course.
Your essay should discuss what you identify as your (single) greatest leadership strength and your (single) greatest leadership weakness. You will also discuss 2-3 specific steps you plan to take to address your weakness and improve it.
Here are the technical details:
  • This essay is worth 50% of your final exam grade.
  • It is an individual assignment only.
  • It can be started anytime in Week 7 and must be on the last day of the class.
  • The essay should be a maximum of 2 pages, double-spaced. The essay must be submitted via the assignment link in Week 8.
  • Appropriate leadership terms must be bolded.
  • This essay is a formal writing assignment, and will be graded for content and technical work. 
  • The Leader in Action Rubric will be used to grade this reflection paper.


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