Philosophy essay

Your introductory paragraph should very briefly describe the structure of the paper and state your thesis clearly. Use first person for clarity. For example: “First, I’ll discuss an example in which…” “Next, I’ll argue that…” “My thesis is that…” etc.
Next, give a realistic example of a use of opaque AI, argue that it’s opaque AI, and argue that its opacity is ethically problematic. This is easiest to do if its opacity is obviously ethically wrong — e.g. if its opacity significantly harms a person for no good reason, for example by bringing about an outcome which is clearly unfair to them. (And you may find it helpful to discuss a contrasting case — e.g. to argue that a transparent process would not harm them.)
Then, give another realistic example of a use of opaque AI, argue that it’s opaque AI, and (this time) argue that this example’s opacity is not ethically problematic.
Finally, the remainder of the paper should use your examples to support a more general thesis about when opacity in the use of AI is and isn’t ethically problematic. One example of such a thesis: “My second example suggests that when a robot does a job that would be dangerous for a human doing that job, worries about opacity are less ethically important than when a robot does a job that would be relatively safe for a human doing that job, as in my first example.” (Feel free to use this thesis or an adaptation of it, if you like.)
Cite and discuss at least two of our readings / viewings. Especially helpful: Dreyfus and Dreyfus, Her, Lo and Behold, the Susan Gelman interview we’ll read and discuss next week (perhaps paired with Kaelbling), and of course Wooldridge and Marcus and Davis.
I would plan to write about three pages for this paper. Careful thought and judicious revision will be necessary to earn an A! This lets you be selective — putting only your very best ideas in the paper and leaving the rest ‘on the cutting room floor.’


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