Physiological Statistical Results with Omnibus ANOVA Discussion

Countless studies have found that experiencing chronic stress is detrimental to the human body in many ways. Although experiencing stress-inducing events is practically inevitable, how we chose to perceive and respond to daily life stressors has been found to have a significant impact on our health. Wanting to help others become more resilient in tough times, Dr. Zen developed a practice called ‘Mindful Perception-Readjustment’, where participants are taught to approach stressful situations with optimism and patience. Interested in whether her practice is really helping people, Dr. Zen decides to conduct a study measuring average stress levels in three different mind-exercise conditions (groups). Three groups of participants are each asked to report their individual stress level experienced overall throughout the previous week on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 indicating low stress, 10 indicating high stress). One group regularly practices Dr. Zen’s ‘Mindful Perception-Readjustment’, another group regularly practices meditation at home on their own. The last group reported no use of any kind of stress-reduction exercises (including meditation and Dr. Zen’s ‘Mindful Perception-Readjustment’). Using SPSS, following is the output that you will use to answer the following questions (α = .05).


  1. What is the statistical result of the omnibus (overall) ANOVA? (Retain or reject the null and why [include F, df, and p value]?
  2. b.In the context of this study, what does the result of the omnibus test mean in words a layperson could understand (cite the statistics in your conclusions; means, F, df, p)?
  3. c.What are the statistical results for the three follow-up (post-hoc) tests? Report the significance and whether you will reject or retain the null for each test.


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