Planning for Music in the Elementary School: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Section 1

Look backand reflect on your previous experiences and understandings of the place ofmusic in the elementary curriculum. Describe your beliefs and knowledge about the ways in which children learn, whatthey should learn, and your understanding of music in the elementary curriculumbased on recent and/or past experiences.

Section 2

Lookforward and consider the ways in which you might plan for music experiences aseither a classroom teacher who uses music in a cross-curricular way, as aclassroom teacher who teaches music to the class, or as a music teacher whoteaches many grades of music to a variety of students. Describe how yourinsights regarding the place of music in the curriculum, the role of music inother curriculum areas, and the course readings and assignments will be appliedto your future classroom practice. It may be useful to address the topics thatyou discussed in Section 1 and reflect on any changes you see in the way thatyou may approach the music curriculum with your future students.


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