Position statement

Position Statement  

Use the information collected during your Social Policy interview to prepare a well-developed position statement to advocate for social justice around your selected policy topic.
Position statements are typically only one to two pages (single spaced is acceptable) and contain a summary of the overall issue and a list of bullet points outlining the position of the author regarding recommended policy and service actions.
Be sure to review and comment on relevant NASW policy information. Describe and include policy and service advocacy actions that are consistent with professional social work values and ethics as they relate to this issue. You do not need to quote standards or the mission here. Save the space for substantive information. 
Include a brief paragraph that clearly states your position on the issue. What do you want to see happen?
Include at least three specific policy recommendations in your position statement. What do you want the average citizen to do to advocate for your position? Provide adequate detail so they could take action.
Use subheadings within the document to help with organization (ex. Background, Social Work Values/Standards, Position, Policy Recommendations).
Be sure to use APA format to cite any references you include. Examples will be provided on Canvas. Upload the word document (not jpeg) to Assignments in Canvas. It is okay to use first person on this assignment. 


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