respond to this article with 50-60 words 

The title of the article is: The costs of inequality: Money = quality health care = longer life. The author of this article is Alvin Powell who is a Harvard staff writer; there are no credentials listed for this author. However, after looking up the author I found that Alvin Powell is an author and senior science writer at the Harvard Gazette. He also teaches journalism at the Harvard Extension school.

The topic this article addresses is that health inequality is a part of American life. Life expectancy for Americans comes in at the lower end of the spectrum when comparing America to other industrialized nations. In America, there are disparities in accessing health care and having the means to pay for health care.
The main point of the article is that Americans who cant afford health care are sicker than Americans who can afford health care. Poor Americans do not have the same access to health care as Americans who are well off. The article also states that African Americans will still get substandard care even when they do have access to health care services.
This article points out that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allowed certain states to opt out of the Medicaid expansion, which ended up hurting poor Americans. This article reported that substandard care can cause as many as 260 African American deaths daily.
I would say that this article states that resources are a major contributing factor to inequality in health care. Location and persons (the author mainly referred to African Americans) were also referenced as a factor in receiving substandard care.
I did find the article convincing as I have read many articles that links economic inequality and inadequate resources to worse health outcomes and lower life expectancy. This article also delves into health disparities for African Americans and other minority groups in the United States. The article states that on average white males live an additional 5 years longer than African American males. Research in health care has shown that minority groups receive a lesser quality of care compared to Caucasians. 


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