Privacy & Cyberspace questions / Ethics

1. What is personal privacy, and why is privacy difficult to define? (Minimum word count: 60)


2. Is privacy a social value, or is it simply an individual good? (Minimum word count: 60)


3. What is RFID technology, and why is it a threat to privacy? (Minimum word count: 60)


4. Why are certain aspects and uses of Internet search engines controversial from a privacy perspective? (Minimum word count: 60)

5. Why does online access to public records pose problems for personal privacy? (Minimum word count: 60)


6. In discussing “cyberspace regulation,” why is it useful to distinguish the question “Can cyberspace be regulated?” from the question “Should cyberspace be regulated?” (Minimum word count: 60)


7. What are (HTML) meta-tags, and why can they be controversial? (Minimum word count: 60)


8. What is e-mail spam, and why is it controversial from a moral point of view? (Minimum word count: 60)



9. What is censorship?  Describe the differences between “censorship by suppression” and “censorship by deterrence.” (Minimum word count: 60)


10. What is Network Neutrality (or “Net Neutrality”), and what implications does it have for Internet regulation in the future? (Minimum word count: 60)


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