Privacy in Information Technology: Data Exfiltration

Thepurpose of this team research proposal project is to provide each team ofstudents an opportunity to learn how to identify a research question, design aresearch plan, and write a viable research proposal.


Eachteam of students will choose an IT-related topic and write a research proposalon it. The proposed paper can be a theory paper, a practical paper, or anempirical paper. A theory paper is typically based on a comprehensiveliterature review; a practical paper is about solving a business-related issuethat you have encountered in your organization; and an empirical paper usuallyinvolves data collected through lab experiment, survey, case study, ormeta-analysis.



Inyour research proposal, try to answer the following three questions:


1.What research question are you addressing? This will set the scene for yourspecific research. What is already known and what is still unknown?


2.Why your research question is important? Establish the importance of yourresearch project and answer the question why it is worth pursuing. Highlightthe benefits, and the positive expected outcomes.


3.How are you going to address your research question? What methods will you use?What do you need? Are there barriers or pitfalls that you can anticipate inyour planned research?




1.      Minimum 400 words.

2.      Suggested sections: Papertitle, abstract, keywords, introduction, literature review, research method,expected outcomes, and potential contributions to theory and practice.

3.      At least 6 references in APAformat. Each in-text citation must be listed in your References section, andeach entry in your References section must be cited within the text of yourpaper.




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