Process analyst essay

i guess i just need to send you the essay and if you could do two pages one of them the outline and the other the planning of the essay

This folder is a place for you to upload the planning of your process analysis essay. This should include any brainstorming, clustering, outlining and/or any other process you may have undergone to invent the rough draft of your process analysis essay. Be sure your planning submission explicitly mentions at least (1) your thesis statement, (2) your target audience, and (3) your purpose for writing. Additionally, you must include (4) at least three main ideas and (5) a number of supporting details for each main ideas to earn full credit.

thats what she posted for the upload submission for the planning of the essay

and if you think the essay is not right if there needs to be modifications let me know

the outline should just be how she has it in the attachment i sent if you could just read the essay and fill in the blanks for me.

and the planning of the essay im not sure how to do that this is my first year but i sent what she said was the requirements


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