Programming Question

You are going to create an scenario in which multiple classes are going to be needed.
Your task to create a University Credit Union Bank capable of having accounts for all its users. Users ofthe credit union are limited to students and faculty. Each person that happens to be a client of this bankmay have a different date of birth and may have been born in different countries.Classes for you to consider and have: Person, Student, Faculty, Date, AccountRelationships that must exist among these classes, you need to comment/mention in your code wherethose relationships are, these relationships MUST be implemented in the best memory efficient (spacewise-manner): Aggregation, Composition, inheritanceFaculty ID: 1 to n; Student ID: 1001 to m (To be implemented using static member variables)Program must have a menu that will allow the user to choose from one of the following options until theuser decides to stop: Add a faculty member to the Faculty Members DB (Array of Objects “AOB”) Add a student to the Students DB (Array of Object “AOB”) Create account Deposit money Withdraw money Check balance Transfer money from Account 1 to Account 2


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