Promoting Student Learning and Critical Thinking Presentation

 Assignment Content

Instructional strategies can be considered the vehicle for delivering instruction to help children achieve learning goals. With childcare centers and classrooms being a dynamic environment that bring together students from different backgrounds with varying abilities and personalities, using creative and innovative teaching strategies is critical.
 Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation about instructional strategies that promote childrens learning and critical thinking. 
 Include the following in your presentation:
Strategies that promote student-centered learning in early childhood settings
The age range or grade level your strategies may apply to
Questioning strategies that promote critical thinking
Strategies for student engagement and differentiation for diverse learners
Strategies for using digital and interactive technology to enhance learning locally and globally

Include a title page, speaker notes, and a reference slide.
Cite references to support your assignment.
Format your citations according to APA guidelines.


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