PSYC 120 Bryant and Stratton College Abnormal Psychology Common Disorders Table




One of the topics covered in this week’s lecture was substance abuse disorders and treatment. For this week’s discussion you will learn more about substance abuse and treatment within your area.

To begin, please use the following weblinks to identify the substance(s) most commonly abused in your state and examine some treatment methods:

After reviewing the above links, make an initial post in which you address the following questions/prompts:

  • Identify the substances that are most commonly abused or most problematic in your state.
  • Explain whether you were surprised by the statistics and information you read about your state.
  • Keeping the commonly abused substances in your state in mind, describe some of the issues a community might see as a result of this abuse.
  • Summarize what treatment options might be appropriate for the substances that are commonly abused in your area.
  • Finally, outline some of the barriers to treatment for substance abuse.


You will be presented with some commonly confused disorders. You will need to appropriately diagnose the case study and then recommend treatment options. Before reviewing the case studies, you will also be presented with a video to help you in your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Please click the link below for the case studies, more directions, and the rubric:
PSYC120 – Career Connect Case Study.docxPSYC120 – Career Connect Case Study.docx – Alternative Formats

Click the link below to view the video:
What is the difference between Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia?

Part 4

As we approach the mid-point of this course, now is a good time to share some feedback. In your own words, reflect on your progress thus far and then answer the following

  • Summarize how you are feeling about your progress in this course.
  • State what your expectations are from me going forward

( please refer to Rubric. )


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