Psychiatric chilhood disorder

Treating the very young: common diagnosis in Early life(Child and Adolescent Psychiatric) for Psychiatric NP


• Treating the Very Young: Common Diagnosis in Early Life (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
Each student can utilize the following sources to synthesize relevant prescribing information for their topic:
• Especially Stahl’s Prescriber’s Guide
• Especially Doran’s Prescribing MH Medication (including EVERY chapter relevant to your topic)
• Especially Preston’s Child Adolescent Clinical Psychopharmacology
• Especially Carlat’s Drug Metabolism in Psychiatry
• Locate the two newest available research studies about a drug (or drug class) included in your topic, and
express the findings (e.g., new indication, new safety concern, efficacy over alternative drug). Specify whether the studies are industry sponsored or not and include APA-6 reference for each article.
Final product will be a comprehensive, well-organized, slide presentation recorded using Kaltura, Zoom or similar and uploaded to Canvas.
The presentation should not be longer than 15 slides/15-20 minutes. HAVE
FUN, BE CREATIVE, BE INNOVATIVE. Presentation must cover the following aspects of your topic.
Use these areas to label slides.
• Drug Class(es), Sub-Classes (5 points)
• MOA, including Receptor Affinities (5 points)
• FDA Indications, including Ages; Common Off-Label Uses (5 points)
• Recommended dosing, including starting doses, titration requirements, maximum doses (10 points)
• Notable Side Effects (NOT ALL SE – list those particularly common or hazardous) (10 points)
• Contraindications (10 points)
• Interactions (10 points)
• Pharmacokinetics (15 points)
• Pharmacodynamics (15 points)
• Psychogenomics/gene-drug interactions/heritability to consider (15 points)
• Monitoring Parameters (e.g., labs/diagnostic tests for clearance, serum levels, ongoing labs, significant
safety risks/concerns) WITH rationales (20 points)
• Locate the two newest available research studies about a drug (or drug class) (20 points)
• Slides must include APA formatted citations. A reference list in APA-6 format (on separate page) is
required (Must be included to pass) – *****References do not count as part of the 15 total slides.


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