Psychology Humanistic and Existential Therapy Discussion

Throughout the course you will be asked to submit a two-page reflection/reaction to the theory presented that week in the asynchronous materials and readings. These reflection papers will be uploaded directly into the platform and submitted for faculty review. In the paper, you should provide your own analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the theory, howwell it integrates into your personal and professional identity as a counselor, and whether or not you think it is a theory that resonates with you for future clinical practice. You can also provide a brief review of the theory as part of your reaction/analysis. This review can include information such as • Nature of the person, including innate capacities or capabilities, andmotivational constructs according to the theory (if applicable). • Nature of psychological distress or maladjustment (how do people develop mental illness) according to the theory. • Goals of counseling/psychotherapy according to the theory. • Role and activity of the therapist, including: – Major techniques utilized – Diagnosis and appraisal techniques – Evaluation of client progress in therapy Papers will be evaluated on depth and level of personal analysis and reflection. It should reflect your own ideas and thoughts as to how these concepts apply to your emerging identity as a counselor. You may use the reflection questions at the end of each chapter in the Corey book to guide your discussion in your weekly reflections.


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