Public Service Announcement for Emerging Adults


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1. Watch three videos found in the Resource section for this Public Service Announcement for Emerging Adults Assignment, taking notes using the study guides provided.
2. Based on what you learn, write a PSA (public service announcement) to help older adults (parents, employers, pastors, etc.) understand emerging adults. Use these questions to organize your thoughts about emerging adulthood:
Who are they? Define general characteristics.
What are they doing? What developmental tasks are generally a part of this life stage (hint: think about Eriksons theory).
What are their major concerns?
Which presentation provides the best advice? Which advice that was given is least helpful? What advice would you give your previous self (if you are past this stage) or your current self (if you are currently in emerging adulthood)?
3. Your Public Service Announcement for Emerging Adults Assignment must contain 300 500 words.
4. At least one specific idea from each of the videos must be included. You may also include information from Scripture, our textbook or other scholarly sources.
5. Identify your sources with an APA formatted citation and reference entry (current edition). Please contact your instructor if you have any questions about this.
6. Submit your work.


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