Racism in The United States of America Since the Colonial Era Analytical Review

For this journal entry, you will read and reflect upon “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander in They Say, I Say (Ch. 16). In order to successfully complete this journal entry, you will need to identify the conversation Alexander is participating in about race, criminal justice, and mass incarceration. You should use the templates we have learned about so far in order to help you write a reflective journal entry of 300-500 words based on the questions and assignment criteria below. One way to approach this assignment would be to use and adapt the “Template of Templates” in the Introduction to your textbook.

For your consideration:

  1. What conversation is Alexander participating in? Who is her “They Say” and what does she think about their point(s) of view?
  2. What is the general claim made by Alexander in this essay?
  3. What is the most important critique she offers in her essay?
  4. What do you think about her claims and evidence?

Assignment Grading Criteria

  • The journal entry reflects critical thinking and the ability to apply concepts from the relevant textbook chapters.
  • The journal entry illustrates careful reading and college-level comprehension of the assigned text.
  • The journal entry is well-developed and shows thought and planning.
  • The journal entry is well-written and organized.


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