Reading experience autobiography

Our own past experiences with reading and writing can impact our actions as a teacher in later years.  For this autobiographical inquiry into your reading, you will reflect on your experiences in and out of school with respect to learning, language, reading, and literacy.

  • Brainstorm memories that you have of particular classes, teachers, and texts encountered in and out of school.
  • Reflect upon your past reading experiences.
  • Write a short paper reflecting on your experiences with reading in school, the reading habits you have formed, the influences of your home and school experiences on your reading development, and the kinds of reading you did as a middle/high school student.
  • Explain how your past experiences with reading activities, both in school and outside of school, may impact your work as a teacher.
  • Be prepared to share your writing with classmates. Do not write any personal content that you do not wish to share in class.
About me: 
Never was a strong reader or writer got teased by other students for my reading abilties which made me more insecure. Parents never made me read so never did much reading. Books ive read as a kid the Goosebumbs series and captain under pants. 
If you need any other details or information from me please reach out thank you. 


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