reading hiphop

Please select one of the prompts below. Read the question carefully and be sure to answer fully. This essay is 4-6 pages in Times New Roman, double-spaced with one-inch margins all around. You may use the text, your notes, and the videos and materials assigned for the course. Do not use external sources or other secondary materials (Wikipedia, homework help sites, blogs, etc.). Please include a Works Cited page of all the assigned materials you use for the essay. All work must be your own, original ideas.

Note: be sure to complete the submission process for this assignment. I will not reopen assignments after the deadline.

  1. Using Chang’s chapters (4 and 6), and the films, identify and analyze the role that style and self-fashioning play in the creation and evolution of hip hop. Can you identify and trace one form of style from the early days of hip hop to the present?


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