reading response

Weekly Readings and Summaries Reading summaries should take the form of an outline or list of key bullet points rather than paragraph /prose format. They should be typed, single space, and be no longer than 3 pages (preferably 12 pp). Each individual article/author in a given week should be identified separately (article title and author, underlined) with the summary outline following. The three key observations/ comments for the week may draw from one or all of the readings for that week and appear at the top of the first page. Please include your name and date due/submitted on the heading of the first page. Word docs and pdfs are both permissible file formats.

Required Reading:

Mutuli, Ian, “Kolumba Museum by Peter Zumthor: A Message of Moving On, Majestically,” in Architecture/Conservation/Exhibition/Museums (Links to an external site.)


Ursprung, Philip "Earthworks: The Architecture of Peter Zumthor", 2009, The Hyatt Foundation / The Pritzker Architecture Prize, (Links to an external site.)


Goodyear, D. (2020, October 3). The iconoclast remaking Los Angeles’s most important museum. The New Yorker.


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