Reading Responses

You may respond to a passage. First, select a brief passage from the text we will be discussing in class (for example, a couple of sentences). Copy down the passage at the top of your response, citing the page reference. (The passage your choose does NOT count toward your response word requirement.) Next, consider the quotation’s significance and your reason(s) for selecting it. Some questions to consider: Why were you drawn to this particular section? What is interesting or surprising about it? How does it encapsulate a crucial aspect of the text’s larger themes? How does it relate to the overarching topics and questions we have been discussing in class? Does it provide a significant point of comparison or contrast with other things we have read? (You’re not expected to answer all of these questions.)

Gilligan, Carol. “Images of Relationship.” Ethical Issues in Interpersonal Communication, Edited by Elaine E. Englehardt, Harcourt College Publishers, 2001, 88-96.


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