These are not academic papers in which you need an introduction, hypothesis, conclusion, etc.  They are reflections and you may use a more informal style, even stream of consciousness prose.


Each brief should develop an analytical discussion on the particular topic that the book or articles address.  You should start with a brief summary of the book or articles, no more than one paragraph.  You should avoid writing about your personal feelings or opinions on the readings.  Note that these reflections should not be a summary of the lecture, readings, and documentary, and nor should they be a question and answer format.  Avoid mere description.  Most of the reflection should analyze the book or articles in relationship to the underlying themes of the course, globalization and resistance movements.  Here you want to draw on the other readings, on class lectures, on the films, and on any other sources you may have.  You should apply the sociological concepts and terms we have acquired in the course.  If you turn in a mere book report you will not score much; they must be analytical.  Please refer below to the week-by-week schedule, which will indicate the topic you are to write on and due dates.  The schedule also gives you some further prompts for some of the reflections.


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