Research Project

We will be scaffolding this assignment by completing the following graded evaluations.  See below for details and due dates.  Research Project Thesis Due by 5pm EST on March 10th 5% of final mark Research Project Annotated Bibliography Due by 5pm EST on March 16th 15% of final mark Research Project Peer Review  Due by 4pm EST March 30th 5% of final mark  Guidelines: Students are to write a persuasive research essay that demonstrates an understanding of persuasive writing techniques, effective essay structure, along with clear, concise, and organized writing. You will demonstrate all the skills and techniques we have mastered up to this point.  Essays should present a well-developed thesis statement that is supported throughout the essay. Students have several options for this essay and are to choose only one.   This argumentative research essay will be approx. 1000-1200 words in length double-spaced,12-point font, Times New Roman.  This persuasive research essay requires students to conduct scholarly research. The essay should include at least three scholarly sources. Scholarly sources can include peer-reviewed articles, book chapters etc. Sources not to be used include: a blog, fan site, overtly biased article, or wiki-anything.   Please choose ONE of the following topics:   1. “Mandatory Voting a Fix for Low Voter Turnout and its Distorted Results” by Andrew Coyne (2014) –  Andrew Coyne (2014) discusses several different reasons as to why people do not vote and suggests mandatory voting as a solution. He also looks at the results of low voter turnout at elections, and how these results have changed our understanding of democracy.  ❑ After reading this article, write a persuasive essay arguing mandatory voting is or is not a solution to low voter turnout.  o Things to consider: Coyne (2014) cites three reasons as to why people don’t vote. Do you agree or disagree? If not mandatory voting, then what solution could fix low voter turnout? What is the current perception of democracy?      2. “It’s Time to Close Canada’s Food Banks” by Elaine Power (2011) –  Elaine Power (2011) makes the controversial statement that food banks do not adequately address  hunger and poverty and have unintended negative consequences that further perpetuate hunger among Canadians. She further asserts that food banks themselves have become an obstacle to and a distraction from ending poverty.  ❑ After reading this article, write a persuasive essay arguing that food banks are or are not an adequate response to poverty and hunger in Canada.  o Things to consider: Do you agree or disagree with Power’s (2011) statement? Why? If we eliminate food banks, what should replace them? How else to address poverty and hunger in Canada?   3. “Promoting Intelligence” by Kevin Bottero (2008) –  Kevin Bottero (2008) writes that the roots of hip hop have been lost, and that contemporary hip hop artists rap about meaningless issues such as “cars, booty and bragging.” Bottero (2008) calls attention to the political roots of rap and hip hop, noting that this genre of music has the potential to spark political and social change – in people’s minds, but also literally.  ❑ After reading this article, write a persuasive essay arguing that musicians do or do not have a moral responsibility to their audience.  o Things to consider: Do you agree or disagree with Bottero’s (2008) argument that hip hop artists should rap about political issues? Why? If musicians have such an incredible persuasive power and influence over large groups of people, don’t they have an obligation to rap about important issues?   Remember, simply re-arguing the point(s) of the author is not the same as developing your own persuasive argument.   Checklist for Essay: ✓ Thesis statement is well-developed. It is specific, arguable, and clear. ✓ I am not writing in the first person (“I”), I am using the third person perspective. ✓ My essay has organized body paragraphs and each body paragraph supports my thesis/position. ✓ I use credible and scholarly resource(s) to support my claim and have integrated them into my own writing. ✓ I have clearly and properly cited my sources in APA format.  ✓ The essay is entirely in my own words. ✓ My conclusion wraps up my findings and my argument in an organized way. ✓ My references page cites any research I used/consulted and demonstrates accurate APA formatting. ✓ My title page uses accurate APA formatting.    


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