Research Project Proposal Plan

The topic I chose would be Dramatic play/sociodramatic play

For this proposal assignment, you will submit the following plan in a word document:

  1. Provide the title of your research project. (2 points)  You can choose any topic in the field of early learning that you want to learn more about.  It must be connected to the field of early learning for children ages birth to 8.  It could be a topic we have discussed in class that you want to research further, or it could be a topic we have not discussed that you are very interested in learning more about.  It could be historical, or it could be a current topic.
  2. List (at minimum) three resources you will use.  They may be book or internet sources.  There are many resources on the internet that can assist with how to properly site sources. (5 points)
  3. A list of what you will include on each of your slides, keeping in mind that the minimum slide requirement is 10 slides total.
  4. You are simply showing us what you will put into each of your slides in written format. 

Title of the proposal is at the top of the assignment

Three Resources are listed correctly

Outline of 10 slides submitted, well written in proper format


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