Research Proposal

In the last assignment, you identified three general topics/questions you were interested in. In this assignment, youll narrow down your research question and find a couple of peer-reviewed articles that will help you answer your question.
1. How can a persons physical or emotional development be delayed by circumstances orissues that are not related to having a disability?
2. What has changed over time in society’s perception of childhood, adolescence, andinfancy?
3. What makes learning a second language easier for children?
Tips on refining your research question: 
First, do a few quick searches in current periodicals and journals on your topic to see whats already been done and to help you narrow your focus. What issues are scholars and researchers discussing, when it comes to your topic? What questions occur to you as you read these articles? 
Second, based on what your search found, start asking yourself open-ended how and why questions about your general topic. For example, Why does conflict between parents and children increase when kids become adolescents? or How are cohabitating couples different than married ones?. Finally, evaluate your questionAfter youve put a question (or even a couple of questions) down on paper, evaluate them to determine whether they would be effective research questions or whether they need more revising and refining. Consider:
  • Is your research question clear? With so much research available on any given topic, research questions must be as clear as possible in order to be effective in helping you direct your research.
  • Is your research question focused? Research questions must be specific enough to be well covered in the space available. If your question is too broad, it wont be manageable.
  • Is your research question complex? Research questions should not be answerable with a simple yes or no or by easily-found facts.  They should, instead, require both research and analysis on the part of the writer. They often begin with How or Why.
The research proposal you submit must include the following:
  • The research question you will be exploring and why you are interested in it.
  • At least two scholarly sources (i.e., peer-reviewed journal articles) you could use to help explore the question you are interested in.
  • A brief explanation of how the sources youve gathered will be useful in explaining the issue and/or providing evidence to explore your question.
  • A reference list at the end, using APA style (7th ed.). Use the APA Publication Manual or (see the left-hand column for specific topic instructions) to make sure you are using APA style.
What to submit:
  • 1-2 pages, double-spaced (.doc or .docx or .pdf only – NO .pages)
  • Use sentences and paragraphs (no point form)
  • Do not use direct quotes.
  • Use your own words; paraphrase.
  • No title page
  • Include links to each full-text article


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