research proposal and project

Fill the template and write the paper 3 pages long
You will take a position on a psychological topic of your choosing. The
guidelines for the paper are as follows:
1. Determine the position (supporting/opposing) you are taking on your chosen issue.
2. Find a minimum of three (3) sources in the form of psychological articles to use in
writing your paper. One of your sources must be arguing against your position.

3. The paper should be in APA style, 3-4 pages in length (excluding title and reference
pages), double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, one-inch margins. Title and
references pages will not be part of the page count.

4. Include an APA formatted reference page citing all sources used in the development of
your argument (again, this will not be part of the page count).
5. In-text citations of sources when needed. You must have a minimum of three in-text
citations to cite the information you used from the three sources you found to support
your conclusion and arguments.
There are three objectives that must be fulfilled for the paper:
1. Clearly present the position you are taking on the chosen topic.
2. Deconstruct/unpack the arguments made for and against this issue based on the articles
you have gathered as evidence. What makes them valid arguments? What features
weaken each argument? What are the strengths of each argument?
3. Construct and present your own argument for your position. Show that you understand
the arguments being made in support of and against your position


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