Risk Management

This is NOT a “Group” assignment. For Modules 1 -5, the student must use online resources to find a project management article that addresses the stated topic (e. g Risk Management).


 Each student must work independently on this assignment. 


  1. Write a 500 word article summary about Risk Management.  
  2. Describe a project management scenario.  
  3. Include the article url one page summary.
  4. Your SafeAssign score associated with your summary must not exceed 26%.  Hint, if you repeat the questions asked as part of your reading, your SafeAssign score would increase. Do not repeat the questions in your response to this assignment
  5. In "addition" to the 500 word summary:
  • Write at least two lessons you personally learned from the article or video; and
  • Write at least two lessons learned from the class lecture. 
  • A total of four lessons learned are required to accompany each article or video summary. 


 Note:  For each lesson learned, do not simply make a statement.  Explain why this is a lesson that increased your insight about the subject matter.



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