Sales Call Role Play Worksheet

Sales Call Worksheet Development

For this assignment, you need to complete the Sales Call Planning Worksheet using the FedEx Office Case information as if you were preparing for the initial sales call with Global Training Associates. You will need to prepare SPIN questions for the following categories to include on the worksheet:

  • Four (4) Situation Questions (4 questions total)
  • Three (3) Problem Questions (3 questions total)
  • Three (3) Implication Questions (3 questions total)
  • Three (3) FedEx Office Solutions for Global Training Associates’ Problems
    • Describe the FedEx Office solutions
    • Identify key features that would solve the Global Training Associates’ problems
    • Identify who benefits from the solutions and (the company, the employees, the trainers, the trainees, the customer or hiring company) and how they benefit from this solution

Again, use the FedEx Office Case as the reference when preparing the worksheet. The objective of this worksheet would be preparation for a sales call with Global Training Associates.


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