Scripted Interview

This assignment encourages you to be creative.  In this assignment, you write out the script for an imaginary talk show with a host (interviewer) and up to three guests (interviewees).  The talk show should be centered on a theme or debate you are interested in pursuing your research project. MY RESEARCH PROJECT IS ABOUT ABORTION, SHOULD IT BE LEGAL OR NOT?

Your script should have an imaginary talk show host interviewing two or three participants involved in the debate. Participants (interviewees/guests) on the talk show may include the authors of the sources youve been reading, the authors weve read together in class, or any other public figures you can think of (politicians, celebrities, scientists, etc.) who you believe would have an interest in discussing your topic. The interviewer or host (you) should ask serious questions, questions that you would want to ask the participants if given the chance. The interviewees should respond in-depth, with thoughtful answers. Do your best to put yourself in their mindsets! What tone do you think they would take? What perspectives would they bring? 


At the top of your assignment, please write a one-sentence description of each of your interviewees that helps explain who they are/why you chose them. 


The rest of the assignment should be written as a dialogue or screenplay. For example:


HOST: Roxane, I was wondering if you could tell us a bit more about your views on feminism?


GAY: Id love to. I think that the issue of feminism is widely misunderstood in U.S. culture, or some people think thats its gone too far. The truth, I think though, is that it hasnt gone far enough. Our society is still plagued by rape culture, and recent court cases have threatened to roll back womens rights.



  • Try to have the interviewees talk to/respond to each other, rather than just answering the questions of the host. The authors should exchange views upon the topics raised by the interviewer as if they were in conversation.


  • Try and focus your questions for the interviewees on one or two themes, rather than leapfrogging from one question to another quickly.


  • In addition to asking the questions, the interviewer should observe, analyze, and respond to interviewees.  The interviewer (you) can make sense of the responses and also add to the responses and even provoke the interviewees.


  • Try to choose interviewees who have interesting things to say, distinct voices, and who are able to talk smartly about your topic.





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