Chapter 5 covered topics such as discretion and ethics. Imagine you are a trial judge about to impose a sentence for a 90 year old man who has been found guilty of negligent homicide for failure to care for his chronically ill 89 year old wife, who died after not having been fed and bathed for 2 weeks.  If you had to choose between sentencing the man to 5 years in prison or 10 years on probation, which option would you choose, and why? Obviously, you do not have many facts of the case or of the defendant, which is intentional. 

Your discussion post must include ALL of the following:
1. your sentence decision and the basis for your sentence choice
2. your justification for imposing an appropriate sentence given the information provided
3. what information would you as the trial judge, want to know about the individual you are about to sentence
4. pertinent information to make a fair sentencing decision
5. If your recommendation is for probation, list some conditions of probation tailored specifically to the offense


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