separate question assignments

Write two paragraphs on the account of how George Washington put down barracks revolt by his own former soldiers after the American Revolution (pp. 79-82, Howard Zinn, A Peoples History of the United States)The first paragraph should be what Machiavelli would say, specifically, would he approve or disapprove of Washingtons actions?  Why? Do you find yourself in agreement with him? (125 to 200 words)

Assess a prominent politician as Machiavelli would do it.  Suggestions: Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Nelson Mandela. Remember, you are showing me that you understand Machiavelli; you can make your own opinion clear, but its your ability to understand Machiavelli that counts here. You are not limited to American politicians or the present time (but not Washington or the leader you choose for #3). (125 to 200 words)

View the video clip called “Dove Evolution.” Discuss how the video portrays an aspect of the Beauty Myth (the unattainable ideal of beauty for women), and the functions and implications of the beauty myth for society.  For a little more information on the beauty myth, take a look at ( the clip : )


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