Service Learning Video Reflection

For this assignment, students are expected to:

  1. Students are expected to watch videos assigned by the instructor or write about their experiences interacting with someone with a different cultural background.
  2. Submit a reflective response (minimum of 500 words) using the following guiding guiding questions (the prompts generally guide you to think about teaching and learning, but please adapt those concepts generally when you are reflecting on your interactions with others):
    • Is there student diversity presented in the video or Service-Learning setting? If so, what types (i.e. race, ethnicity, ability levels, gender, etc.)
    • The discipline, class-size, course level, teaching strategies and student culture can impact engagement with the learning. Given these different challenges, how well did the teacher/facilitator involve students in the lesson? How did/didnt the teacher motivate students to engage with the teacher, the material and, each other?
    • How did the teacher challenge students, individually or collectively, to exhibit critical thinking skills?
    • How did observations you made relate to or not relate to your own educational experience?
    • How did what you observe relate to content covered within this course?


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