Session 3 New Testament Presentation

The book of Acts is an exciting and fascinating book for Christians to study, as it displays the characteristics, environment, and excitement of the early church. Much can be learned by analyzing how the early church conducted themselves and how they lived. As Gundry (2012) states, it is believed that the historical events that are written about in the book of Acts took place somewhere around the year of 60 A.D. This was a mere 30 years after Jesus death and resurrection.

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For this assignment, we will be looking at the apostles mission to share the Gospel with the Gentiles. You will do a study of one of the geographical areas described in the book of Acts during the very beginnings of the Churchs spread of Christianity to the Gentile nations. You will also analyze why this mission was controversial, dangerous, and significant for the early Christian church. Start out by reading Acts 10-15. 

Construct a PowerPoint presentation with detailed notes in the Notes section or a voiceover, based on the following criteria: 


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