Session 3 Systematic Theology Discussion

Discussion Prompt: The Deity and the Humanity of Christ

Youve spent almost four weeks in your theology class, each time sitting across from a woman that you only slightly know. She has been shy and very reserved. Today as you are settling in for another hour she suddenly blurts out, This course is junk! When you turn to make eye contact, she continues her rant. I dont believe that the Bible is anything but a bunch of stories put together by a bunch of morbid, old men and has nothing to do with truth. Either Jesus was a man or Jesus is God. He simply cant be both. This idea of a virgin having a child is pure nonsense. This is just intellectual mush! You surely dont buy this do you?
Take off your emotional hat for a moment and respond as a theologian. Is Jesus God? Was/is Jesus human? Is it possible for Him to be both? How would you respond to your friend?
Feel free to make your response as personal as you would like, but be sure to use theological reasoning to explain your position. You may want to include what you have learned from your text in Chapters 23-25.


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