Sex and relationships

What is the difference between informational, physical, and decisional privacy?

Suppose your ex sent you a bunch of sexts over the course of your relationship. Is it always wrong to share those pictures with someone else? If so, is that just beach of privacy considerations, or is something else at stake?

Someone might say that if you don’t want sexts of you to be shared with unintended audiences, then you shouldn’t share them at all. Is this good advice? Why or why not?

You suspect that your roommate is having sex with one of your friends. Is it a violation of their privacy to try to find out if that is true? Why or why not? And if not, then what investigative methods are in and out of bounds?

Lauri Shrage and Robert Stewart, "Sexual Privacy," in College Ethics., PART I, “Sex and Relationship,” pp. 95 – 104.


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