Sexual Stereotyping Paper

Can you think of a specific example in mainstream U.S. culture (or in the culture you’re most familiar with) of the sexual stereotyping of a religious group? Find an example such as a news report, a TV episode, a film, a song, a comedian’s routine or skit, an ad campaign, a consumer product, a novel, a character in a comic book series, or even a politician’s speech. Study your example carefully and make note of each of the stereotypes involved. Learn about the religion being stereotyped – what do scholars have to say about these stereotypes? What do current members and leaders of the religion have to say? Then, follow these instructions: write a paper of 1,400 to 1,600 words that introduces your example, describes the stereotypes involved, presents a more accurate portrayal of those aspects of the religion, and analyzes how sexual stereotyping functions in this case. Remember that factors other than religion – such as gender, race, class, region, immigration status, language, and even sexuality itself – also often play a role in stereotyping and should be taken into account in your analysis. As with the conversation paper, this paper must have a thesis statement, and that thesis must be developed and supportedby logical reasoning and documented evidence; if you need help with how to do this, please meet with a member of the teaching team before you start writing. Your paper must include the word count and proper citation of your sources in a recognized citation format.


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