Short Answer Essay Quiz 16 Questions

Chapter Six Short Answer Quiz

In complete sentences (NO bullets) explain the following concepts you have learned. Include page numbers where you located your answers.  Each item is worth one point except where otherwise indicated.  Once again, you may ONLY use Microsoft Word to complete your course assignments.  Copy and paste the questions into a Microsoft Word document.  Answer and edit the questions there.  Then either upload the Microsoft Word document or copy and paste your answers into the text box that is provided. This is the same procedure for all semester.

  1. Explain Festinger’s cognitive dissonance theory.  Explain what conditions cause people to experience cognitive dissonance and factors that affect the magnitude of dissonance experienced.
  2. Explain Brehm’s free choice paradigm. Include a discussion of low dissonance, high dissonance, and induced compliance paradigm. What factors does aroused dissonance depend on?
  3. Discuss induced hypocrisy paradigm.  Provide me with an example from you own life.
  4. Explain dissonance as motivation in detail. Explain self-consistency in detail.
  5. Explain effort justification.  Include a discussion of its implications on parenting. 
  6. Compare and contrast self-serving attributions to self-handicapping attributions.
  7. Explain theory of symbolic self-completion.
  8. Explain the self-evaluation maintenance model.
  9. Differentiate self-esteem as a trait and a state.
  10. Describe the ways that people maintain and defend self-esteem. 
  11. Why do people need self-esteem?  List the functions of self-esteem. Explain self-esteem stability and the consequences of high or low stability.  List important implications of the need for self-esteem. (3 Points)
  12. Describe how theater is a metaphor for behavior in social interactions. 
  13. Explain the different self-presentation strategies.  What are the goals of self-presentation?  Explain when and why people are motivated to self-present.
  14. Explain self-determination theory.  What does it mean to feel self-determined, and what conditions foster feelings of self-determination?
  15. Explain the danger of the over justification effect.
  16. Discuss at least four factors that help maximize self-growth.


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