short answer question

Answer these questions according to the background given

The Mandate:

Sandra explained to the principal partners of the agency that before she undertook the acquisition of the chain of cinemas she had to know from them:

1.     How might we drive traffic to whatever kind of a web site that we would develop?

2.    Who would be our group, or groups, of targeted customers?

3.    What might be the keywords that we would need to use in order to enhance our search capabilities?

4.    What keywords would we have to filter/eliminate?

5.    What kind of content would we have to develop?

Sandra also needed to know from them what kind of a brand for the new cinema initiative might the agency develop.

In this respect, she wanted to know:

1.    What key values of Grupos Americanos would they capture? What part of its story would they share?

2.    How would we communicate them to our group, or groups, of targeted customers?

3.    How might we strategically use emails to enhance that brand?


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