Short answers

1.    Describe neurosis, psychosis, and personality disorders and how they differ. Be sure to name at least two common symptoms and diagnoses for each

2.    How do insanity and diminished capacity trials differ?

3.    Name two ethical boundaries that forensic psychologists must set when working in a courtroom setting.

4.    Summarize Dusky v. United States (1960)

6.    What is civil commitment? Who qualifies for civil commitment and why?

7.    What is the argument that the documentary 13th makes?

8.    Explain why people malinger (the official reason for why people malinger), and give two examples of malingering.

9.    Give the definition and purpose of DBT. Describe two aspects of treatment and if it is effective (and for who).

10. What is the purpose of the TOMM? How does it work?

11. Summarize the RNR model. Identify what the initials stand for and why each word must be considered

12. What are the two types of risk assessments? Which one is best and why?

13. Describe the treatment process that takes place before civil commitment. Be sure to include specific timeframes.

14. Bryan Stevenson hires Michael OConnor, a Yale Law School graduate. Why was Michael so passionate about this work?


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