Simulation Report

Based on your experience with the Simulation Game write a report following the structure below:


1. Operations in Practice (approx. 500-600 words)

a. Describe the transformation process (input-process-output) in the game.

b. Which process type, and layout describe better the operations in Kibby and Strand? 

c. Analyse the operations of Kibby and Strand using the 4Vs framework. Justify.


2. Operations Analysis (approx. 700-800 words)

a. Which factors affected the choice of supplier in the game? How is this different from real life operations?

b. How operations are linked to HR and Sales/Marketing functions in the game? How is this different from real life operations?

c.  In the first module (level) of the game, do you use a just-in-time approach or a produce-to stock approach? How could you implement a produce to stock approach in module (level) 3?



Use proper report structure (title page, table of contents, headings etc.)

Include screenshots from the game, link to theory taught and external sources, and use diagrams if needed to support your arguments. 


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