Social Responsibility assignment

  1. Consider your readings and lectures on socialization in reflecting upon your families 

ideas about people who are different from you in terms of race/ethnicity, nationality, 

religion, sexual orientation, developmental disabilities, gender, and political 

identification. How are your current personal beliefs on the above categories 

different from the ideas into which your family socialized you? What influenced the 

changes if any (peers, religion, education, government etc.)?

2. Using Kohlbergs Theory of Moral Development, a person who denies same-sex couples the 

right to marry based on the fact that the law does not permit it or their religious book forbids 

same-sex marriage is at what level of Moral Development?  Explain your answer. 

3. Use either the Thomas Theorem or the self-fulfilling prophecy to indicate how an 

an individual’s actions can be a benefit or detriment to society. 

4. Identify ways in which an individual can engage in civic life. How  important 

is your cooperation in participating in civic life and carrying out certain civic 

duties? Explain your answer. 

5. After completing the multicultural quiz, reflect on your results. What were your 

results? How diverse was your personal process of socialization? How did it 

change over time? Did this quiz prompt any insights related to your responses to 

questions 1-4?    

6. After completing the Bogardus survey, what areas of social distance are indicated? 

Do you foresee attempting to close-in those social distances or will you stay  the 


7. In what ways are you personally involved in responsible civic action? How do you 

foresee your civic involvement  changing in the future (stay the same, increase, 

decrease)? Explain your answer using social theory (Structural functional, symbolic 

interaction or conflict).   


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