Sociologists emphasize that socialization is a life-long process. Pick a phase of the life course (other than early childhood) and describe the typical types of socialization that occur during that phase. For example, you might choose old age and focus on socialization into retirement. In writing about socialization, be sure to draw upon the following concepts and theories: (1) Cooleys looking glass self; (2) Meads role-taking and the I and me and (3) agents of socialization. In drawing upon these theories and concepts, be sure to define and explain them clearly and use specific examples to illustrate them.

To receive full credit follow these instructions:

  • Write two to three full pages, double-spaced using 12-point font.

  • Create a header in your word document and include your full name in the header.

  • Give your paper a title. Think about your discussion and be creative!

  • Write clearly and coherently, utilize proper grammar and spelling, and err on the side of being clear and concise rather than complicated and unclear.

  • Answer every aspect of the question completely.

You may use short quotes for definitions or emphasis, but should write in your own words for the majority of your discussion.


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