Link to the online book for sources:

The Discussion Forums are designed to facilitate dialogue and discussion using the theories, terms, and concepts derived course material. You need to analyze and answer the questions I have asked using course material, outside source(s), and, if you wish, your life experiences. Your post must be focused on the material we have covered in each Module. It is not enough to just state your views or beliefs or to simply agree or disagree. I am looking for integration with key concepts from the lectures, readings, films, videos, etc. I am looking for relevance, thoughtfulness, and some sociological imagination. You need to bring in material from the readings, textbook, lectures, and/or videos (not necessarily all of them), but you need to directly incorporate and cite a good deal of class material.

You are required to read and follow the Discussion Forum Instructions.

In Module 3 we have learned about the dominant norm of consuming and that the American Dream, as a dominant value and ideology, is a centerpiece of U.S. culture. After viewing the documentary film “Advertising and the Edge of the Apocalypse” (shared via Google Pipeline) and using information from readings, video clips/lecture, and your outside source(s) please answer the following:

Please respond to the following prompt: 

Briefly, explain culture and its relation to social control. Do you believe consumerism is a pervasive part of our culture? Why or why not? How and why are we being taught to consume? Do you think this pattern of consumerism is changing with new generations of people? How might a conflict or a functionalist perspective approach consumerism and/or the American Dream? After researching consumerism, what could be effective strategies to reduce our culture of buying? (Hint: think about changing our culture!) Remember, to support your views with class and/or outside sources. 


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