sociology of education

Based on class text/readings, class lectures, and class materials (including videos) select ONE out of the following four essay topics. In a minimum of 300 words, create and articulate a strong and clear detailed response, providing information and examples to fully explain the question selected. Please number your essay by the number #1-3 of each essay in the list below. Your essay should be clearly written, using appropriate grammar, correct spelling, and proper citations. Your essay should be well-organized and maintain focus on the question. Proper citation entails placing quotation marks around any direct quotes you pull from the book with a reference to the page(s) from which the quote was drawn. If you are paraphrasing material in your textbook, you should indicate the page(s) from which you are paraphrasing at the end of the paraphrased content. 

Select and answer ONE of the questions below:

  1. Discuss the advances and impediments to achieving equal educational opportunity for minorities since the Brown decision in 1954. If you had the power, what would you do to eliminate inequality of educational opportunity?


  1. Given the importance of parental involvement in the educational process, what factors mitigate against the participation of minority and immigrant parents? What might be done to overcome this?


  1. Explain the cultural dynamics that might account for the relatively high academic performance of Asian American students when compared to other groups.


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